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ABO Issues Annual Report on Public Authorities in New York State - July 1, 2020 New!

ABO Issues Policy Guidance 20-02: Industrial Development Agency State Disaster Emergency Loan Program Reporting Guidelines New!

EO No. 202.11 allows for the ABO to waive reporting deadlines. Those authorities that make a late submission shall provide the reason(s) for the delay at the time the reports are submitted in PARIS. (See Key Reporting Dates updated below)

ABO Task Force Op-Ed: Who's Running the Railroad?

Recommended Practice: Conflict of Interest Policy for Public Authorities

Key Reporting Dates

Updated 4/29/20: The ABO is aware that many public authorities with reporting due dates are struggling to meet the legal reporting deadlines for submitting Budget, Annual, Audit, Procurement and Investment Reports in the Public Authorities Reporting Information System (PARIS) in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Executive Order No. 202.11 allows the Director of the Authorities Budget Office to disregard reporting deadlines during the current state of emergency. The ABO will disregard reporting deadlines and encourages all public authorities to make reasonable efforts to submit the required reports as timely as is practicable, but no later than 90 days after the original deadline. The ABO expects all authority Budget Reports to be submitted by the start of the authority’s fiscal year. Any authority unable to submit timely reports shall request in writing an additional 30 day extension from the ABO. Those authorities that make a late submission shall provide the reason(s) for the delay at the time the reports are submitted in PARIS in the "Additional Comments" section on the submittal page in PARIS.

The ABO will consider the restrictions that are currently in place regarding a public authority's ability to conduct business, including mandated reduction of staff in their offices, municipal and school closures, ability to access information from businesses that are working remotely, and the capability of the board to adequately review and approve data prior to being certified in PARIS, in evaluating the timeliness of an authority's PARIS submission.

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