Public Authority Data

Industrial Development Agencies Project Data


Industrial Development Agencies (IDAs) are public authorities or public benefit corporations established pursuant to the authority of Article 18-A of the General Municipal Law or Title 11 or 15 of Article 8 of the Public Authorities Law. IDAs are required by section 859 of the General Municipal Law to submit annual financial statements, and are required by Section 2800 of Public Authorities Law to submit annual reports to the ABO. This dataset includes project data as reported by each IDA. It contains detailed information about IDA projects such as the financial assistance provided to each project as well as details about project job creation and retention.


The dataset contains information that covers 8 fiscal years, which includes fiscal years ending in the most recently completed calendar year. The data reported represents the assistance provided for the reporting year only; cumulative assistance provided to specific projects would need to be compiled from multiple reporting periods. In some instances IDAs may provide multiple financial assistance packages to a single company under several projects, and may combine the job and FTE data for the multiple projects under only one of the projects, rather than reporting the job and FTE data for each of the individual projects.


The ABO is not responsible for verifying the accuracy or reasonableness of the data reported, and does not verify or confirm the accuracy of this data. Specific details for any project would need to be clarified by the reporting IDA.  




Industrial Development Agencies Project Data