Public Authority Data

New Debt Issuance


These datasets are a compilation of the new debt issuances contained within the annual reports submitted by public authorities. They include information reported by public authorities about the new debt issued during the reporting period, including the type of debt, project name, debt program, and debt amount. The dataset contains information that covers 8 fiscal years, which includes fiscal years ending in the most recently completed calendar year.


Authorities are not required to enter information in all the fields of the new debt issuance. Authorities that indicated they issued no new debt during the reporting period are included in the report with the corresponding fields blank. The ABO is not responsible for verifying the accuracy or reasonableness of the data reported, and does not verify or confirm the accuracy of the data. Specific details regarding the reported new debt issuance would need to be clarified by the reporting authority.  


The debt reported by authorities can be of any of the following types of debt:


State Authorities New Debt Issuance

Local Authorities New Debt Issuance

Industrial Development Agencies New Debt Issuance


Local Development Corporations New Debt Issuance