Public Authority Data

Real Property Transactions


These datasets are a compilation of the real property transactions reports submitted by public authorities. They contain detailed information about real property sales, purchases and leases having an estimated fair market value of more than $15,000 made by public authorities during the reporting period. Information about the seller/purchaser/tenant of real property, the type of transaction, fair market value, and dollar value of the real property transacted by public authorities is included in the datasets. The dataset contains information that covers 8 fiscal years, which includes fiscal years ending in the most recently completed calendar year.


Public authorities are not required to enter information in all the fields of the report. Fields were left blank when the public authority did not provide any information. The ABO is not responsible for verifying the accuracy or reasonableness of the data reported, and does not verify or confirm the accuracy of the data. Specific details for any transaction would need to be clarified by the reporting authority.




Real Property Transactions of State Authorities


Real Property Transactions of Local Authorities

Real Property Transactions of Industrial Development Agencies

Real Property Transactions of Local Development Corporations